Although there is still some uncertainty about the new season. I hope to give a warm welcome to everybody who wishes to contest the series – Pre-60, Pre-65, Pre-68 and Pre-74.  If you can do all six championship meetings that would be great, but you are equally welcome if you are unable to do all six.

At each championship meeting there will be two 8 lap championship races.  I will include all regular championship riders from previous years, PLUS, if you haven’t ridden in the championship before and would like to this year, send me an email (details below) with your contact details. If I can include you I will. (NB. maximum 36 riders on the start line).

 Formal pre-registration is not necessary; all you need to do is enter the relevant championship meeting, BY or (preferably) BEFORE the closing date (this is important for the programme). I will do the rest.

In 2021 the championship classes will be: Pre-60, Pre-65, Pre-68 and Pre-74. All BSA Victors (round & square barrel) go in the Pre-68 class. The eligibility rules for each of the classes are set out in the AMCA Classic Rule Book which is on the AMCA website; tables 1 – 8 are the relevant sections. If in doubt about eligibility please contact me (details below).

Please note the new date for Westmorland MCC – the 23rd May is cancelled and replaced by 27th June at the same venue.

On each occasion the four classes will race together (unless the Clerk of the Course decides otherwise) with separate results.  Championship points will be scored down to 15th place. At the end of the series awards will be presented down to 6th place in each class.

If you have any questions please contact me (Dave Gittins) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or on 07971-365177 or 01432-273627. (DG 16.3.21)


The 2021 championship meetings include:

April 25 Bath Classic MCC  Yatton Keynell 
June 13  Acorns MCC  Butterton 
June 27 Westmorland MCC Crooklands
July 11 Mortimer Classic  Ameys Copse 
August 29  Moseley (Birmignham) MCC  Clun 
September 26 Llanthony Classic MCC  Llanthony