Join a club & get an AMCA licence

Enduro is the most varied of dirtbike sports as it involves activities as diverse as woodland events in England, to the internationally famous Dakar Rally, an enormous rally covering thousands of miles and several challenging countries and terrain. Enduro bikes are very similar to motocross but have lights and number plates because they have to be road legal, and have softer suspension to cope with much rougher and variable terrain.

Most AMCA enduro events are ‘short course’ enduros and are often referred to as ‘Hare and Hound’ or ‘XC – Cross Country’ (The AMCA’s Blackheath Club runs a similar format it refers to as Moto-Duro). Terrain is mixed and can include woods, fields, forests and quarries on a range of surfaces from sand through to solid rock. They offer good value to the rider as they give plenty of riding time.

Timecard Enduro’s is a high impact sport, where participants try to keep to a set average speed schedule. You have to do a certain amount of laps, some of which you will be timed through, and you'll also get penalty points if you fall behind. Events last from several hours to a full day.

Joining an AMCA club…

The AMCA has several Hare & Hound style clubs operating from the East Midlands across to Wales and South to Devon. In order to compete in AMCA authorised events riders must apply for an Enduro licence which costs £20.00, alternatively you can take a Day Licence out on the Day for an additonal £5, you can apply online for an Enduro licence.

Clubs handle their own entries and set their own entry fee so to enter an event you will need to contact the organising club.