Am I insured with the AMCA?

All riders, officials, and landowners are covered under the various AMCA insurance policies. All AMCA events are insured for £30million public liability. All competitors and officials are covered under separate personal accident policies. Landowners are indemnified under the AMCA insurance policies. The AMCA are confident in saying that their level of insurance is second to none in the world of off-road motorsport and all clubs and riders are encouraged to check their levels of insurance prior to competing.

Am I legal with the AMCA?

Any motor propelled vehicle in the UK falls under Road Traffic Act regulations (even though they are off-road machines). The AMCA is named in law to issue legal permits for motorsport events – one of only a few bodies in the UK legally able to do so. Failure to comply with the permits for any motorsport event could result in prosecution and your bike being taken by Police. You can rest assured that all AMCA events are legally permitted, but if you are in doubt, please ask the organising club to view the permit issued by the AMCA Head Office.

I haven’t got a licence, can I ride at your events?

All AMCA events cater for both licence holders and non-licence holders. Licence holders are given entries at a discount, so it is often more cost effective to take a licence, but of course if you just fancy a one-off ride, then you are welcome to take out a day licence. Costs differ per discipline, so please check the specialist discipline pages.

Where can I ride?

This is often a complicated question, and whilst the AMCA offers close to 1,000 per calendar year, we appreciate many people want to give it a go at a practice facility first. There are hundreds of venue’s across the UK catering for various disciplines and a quick google search is bound to find one. The only thing we would encourage potential riders to investigate is whether the site is legal and insured. Ask the organiser for their legal permit and copy of insurance. Another key thing to obtain is landowner consent. Remember, you can be prosecuted by the landowner for damage and the Police can take your bike under the Road Traffic Act, so it is worthwhile checking your chosen site in advance.

The AMCA boast 200 member clubs across a host of disciplines and run around 1,000 events per year. Clubs range from the Jersey, right up to Scotland, and across to Northern Ireland. Click here to search for a club near you.

I’m not very confident, is someone there to help?

At the AMCA event, there will always be a friendly face on hand to help out. At motocross events, there is a Coordinator in hand to offer any advice needed. We can offer coaching advice through an experienced qualified coach – view the coaching page for details.

What safety equipment do I need?

First and foremost, you will always require your own bike. At every AMCA event, you are required to wear a helmet. Disciplines will vary for other safety equipment. For motocross, you are required to wear helmet, full race gear, appropriate boots, gloves, and goggles. Other disciplines such as trials may require a little less, i.e. goggles won’t necessarily be needed. See the rulebooks for further details.

How much does the equipment cost?

Full race gear can usually be purchased for around £200, although obviously there are far more expensive sets of kit available. This will vary on quality, design and make, but shopping around can pick up full race kit for a competitive price.

Why join the AMCA?

The AMCA is a membership association with the members making the rules. There are 200 clubs and close to 1000 events. The AMCA therefore benefits from strength in numbers making, and having an experienced head office in the background to assist with any queries, there is no better place than the AMCA.

Who runs the AMCA?

The AMCA is essentially the members association. AMCA Events Ltd is a registered company with NO share capital. This means any profits made are pumped back into the sport. For example, it has been used to purchase land for the benefit of the members. Or when transponders were introduced, the full systems including all kit, transponders, generators, printers, and thousands of actual transponders were purchased and are given to all motocross clubs at no charge. The transponders were heavily subsidised for the first year too which all benefited AMCA members. There is a board of Directors – all elected in by members who regulate financial and major safety aspects for the AMCA. For specific rule enquiries in each discipline, elected officials (where it be club or group) are invited to attend regular meetings to vote on all rulebook changes in their own disciplines. No rule is ever changed in the rulebooks without the membership having their input.

Are AMCA events run by qualified officials?

At all AMCA motocross, supermoto, and scrambles events, there are three qualified officials who sign off the event to ensure conformity to the rulebook. There is also an elected coordinator who attends to offer assistance where required. For enduro events, a qualified official signs off the events to ensure conformity to the rulebook.

Why do I need to join a club?

There is a club based structure to the AMCA with those members opting to join and help out benefiting from the licence holder entry fee which is of course far cheaper/cost effective to race. Events allow non-licence to ride but at a premium – this is why the AMCA day licence fee is a higher rate than the licence holder entry fees.

I’ve applied for my licence online – what happens next?

For motocross, scrambles, and supermoto licences, you are required to join a club. Therefore, the office puts the application in ‘pending’ mode until we receive clearance from your club that you are a member for that season. As soon as club clearance is received (or for disciplines that don’t require club clearance) licences are printed and dispatched in most cases in 2 working days and posted second class. It is advisable to contact your club official once applied online if you are in a hurry to get your licence to minimise any delays.