What is the difference between enduro, motoduro, and hare and hounds?

Enduro events are based around the name suggests, endurance related. Riders predominantly use motocross or enduro bikes (similar in design) and events vary in length of circuit and duration. Whilst all of these style enduro named events are called this, actual enduro events are very often over hours, and sometimes days. Hare and Hounds are more likely the events you will ride, which are 3hours in duration through woodland and fields. Motoduro is a cross of motocross and enduro which usually consists of two, one hour races on a mix of motocross and woodland.

How old do I have to be?

AMCA enduro style events allow riders from 9years and up. Not all enduro style events cater for a kids class, so please check with the organising club prior to entering an event. Adult classes allow riders from 14years and up at enduro style events (with parental consent).

What class do I start in?

Clubs generally cater for sportsman, clubman, senior, and expert, and occasionally a vets class. Generally, sportsman is the novice, clubman is intermediates, experts is the faster riders. Vets can differ from race to race, sometime over 35, 40, or 50 – it is worthwhile checking beforehand. Occasionally, Clubman means a different ability so it is worthwhile checking before booking in.

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