The AMCA rule book for motocross is updated each year and issued with licences. Amendments and alterations to this guide are often made at Motocross Committee meetings throughout the year.

These amendments and any other relevant bulletins are available as PDF downloads via this section of the website.

Rules books, amendments, updates and bulletins for other AMCA off-road sports are also available here.

(All Rulebooks will be in pdf format)

Motocross Rulebook

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Standing Regulations and Sporting Code (For Organisers of AMCA Events - All Disciplines)

Following a recent directors meeting, your elected AMCA Directors have agreed some rule changes which effect all riders under the age of 18!   ALL RIDERS AGED 9 AND OVER CAN NOW TAKE A ONE DAY LICENCE ON THE DAY WITH NO PRE REGISTRATION.

Firstly, as of 1st July 2013 there is no longer a need for riders who are under 18 and want to do a One Day Licence on the day to pre register through the AMCA office.

There is a requirement on the host club to ensure that the One Day Licence book is filled out correctly and that appropriate I.D. is shown; this can be Passport, photocopied Birth Certificate, licence with other organisation, driving licence etc.

With a lot of one day licences now being processed on the day the only information that the AMCA office receives for insurance purposes will be the One Day Licence form that a club sends back to the office with it’s return, it is therefore vital that it is fully completed.

The provisional test has also been abolished for all AMCA riders with immediate effect.

This means that riders aged 9 and up can now turn up (with ID), ride, and enjoy their days racing without the need for pre-registration!