Date: 30 October 2019

The final round in the 2019 series  took place at Llanthony, near Abergavenny on Sunday, 29th September. With six rounds completed the final positions in each of the three classes look like this:


(1) Gene Womack 185 points

(2) Robert Twigg 146 (best Pre-60)

(3) Tim Austen 131

(4) Will Bateup 114

(5) Lee Kelly          40

(6) James Thompson 37


(1) Greg Speed 186

(2) Mitchell Harris 150

(3) George Gorvett       124

(4) Luke Womack 122

(5) Chris Collins 103

(6) John Cash 77


(1) Kris Winder 186

(2) Keith Rice 183

(3) Andy Hinchcliffe 128

(4) Nathan Jones 111

(5) John Fleming 100

(6) Gary Warr 71

Congratulations to all of you. The series was long, involved a good few miles on the road up and down the country, and the final round . . . . . . . a real mud plug, enough to test even the best riders!! And my thanks to all the clubs involved – Bath, Acorns (Stafford), Northampton, Westmorland, Moseley (Birmingham) and  Llanthony (near Abergavenny).

Next year (2020) is the 25th anniversary of the championship. The first ever round was held at the Mortimer track at Ameys Copse and the club have kindly agreed to host a round again, probably in July. 


The format has changed over the years and I welcome suggestions for next year’s series. Should it remain the same,i.e three  classes racing together (two 8 lap championship races per programme) the riders having been selected in advance by me based on previous performances.  Or should everybody (in the 3 classes be included) and individuals opt in or out as they think fit?  The downside of that could mean a total of six championship races which would be very time consuming, and not fair to those who opt out.  


Another suggestion has been a series based on age. If you think this would work please suggest a possible format, eg. age ranges, types/age of bikes etc., rather like the ECMO arrangement.

I welcome suggestions. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or bring your ideas to the Classic AGM in November.