Date: 28 June 2016

Riders can ride the Championship as long as they have done 6 group level events (this can be in 2015 and/or in 2016 – the rider has up until the end of this season to compete in 6 group level events).

A reserve rider would only be allowed to enter if there was room, all riders who have qualified or are automatics from the previous season have first choice (54 registered riders per class), next on the acceptance list would be riders who competed in the qualifiers (who didn’t qualify), then there is a possibility to fill up with other reserves.

MX1/MX2 Championship 2017

This rule is changing again for 2017, all new and existing Championship riders who wish to compete/try and qualify for the 2017 MX1/MX2 Championship will have to compete in 5 group level events in the prior season (2016), excluding IMBA’s. 

All riders have to hold a valid AMCA licence.