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 The BWMA Westermans International British Womens Motocross Championship is really hotting up as the fastest girls in the UK battle it out for Pro-Class, National and Youth Class titles. Round 6 at Warmingham Lane was cancelled due to the heavy rain the previous week so the Cannock club stepped in and accommodated the Championship at Lower Drayton farm. In stark contrast it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year.

In the Pro-Class Britains fastest female racer Redline Honda's Chelsea Gowland continued her domination by taking pole position over young Cheddar MX Honda's Marni Saunders who's improvement and consistency this year is resulting in her best racing season ever. A gap of 11 seconds seperated Chelsea from Marni but less than 2 seconds split Saunders from 6th place Bethany Allison showing how incredibly close these girls are. It was Cheddar MX Honda's Cath King that took 3rd, Realising Dreams Honda's Charlotte Hall back from injury in a solid 4th ahead of Kayleigh Durston. Hannah Jones and Chloe Richards from the National Class jumped in to take 7th and 8th followed by Georgie Potter and Grace Bates in 10th.

Race 1 and Pro-Class Championship leader Chelsea Gowland was in super confident mood taking the BelRay holeshot from Marni Saunders and Cath King. The start was everything with these riders so closely matched, Gowland really put the hammer down and built an impressive gap finishing almost a minute ahead of Saunders who had King behind her the whole race like a shadow. King was a match for Saunders but just couldn't find the extra speed to pass finishing just a few seconds adrift. Behind them Bethany Alison, Charlotte Hall, Kayleigh Durston and Chloe Richards from the National Class were keeping each other honest trading places with each other and put on a fine show of close racing. The battle for 6th place overall and the last IMBA Team place is really hotting up with Jaymee Garrood missing this round leaving it open for Vicky Marriott, Lily Moreland and Georgie Potter to snatch from her but these three really had mixed fortunes, Marriott struggled and could only manage 10th, Georgie Potter really found her form though and raced to an impressive 7th in class followed by Grace Bates in 8th and Lily Moreland in 9th. In the National Championship It was Chloe Richards taking the win with Hannah Jones in second but an impressive 7th place in the race, Esme King was next up in 3rd with a nice battle is shaping up between, Ash Crouch and Hannah Stone in 4th and 5th with Abbie Walker struggling a little on the rough track in 6th.

Race 2 and again it was Redline Honda's Rocket ship Chelsea Gowland storming into another BelRay Holeshot win again from the hard charging Marni Saunders, this time though it didn't go quite to plan as the track had been watered in places and caught a few riders out, one being Gowland dropping it on a slick watered section, this allowed Saunders, Allison and King to lead the race for a breif moment. Gowland cooly picked herself up and charged to the front, by lap two she was back where she belonged and pulling another comfortable gap. The race behind followed very similar script to the first race but King had to pull a few places to get back up to Saunders but was too far behind to challenge, Charlotte Hall was getting back to her early season form before she sustained a broken shoulder and finished with another strong 4th place ahead of Kayleigh Durston, Bethany Allison and Chloe Richards. Georgia Potter again put in a super race finishing ahead of Hannah Jones and more importantly Lily Moreland and Grace Bates. Marriott was another casualty of the watering and damaged her shoulder following a fall limping to the finish for 10th was all she could do to salvage points. With Chloe Richards and Hannah Stone taking 1st and 2nd in the National Championship Esme King got a solid 3rd place followed by Ash Crouch, Abbie Walker and Hannah Stone all three on almost identical lap time.

Race 3 and the heat was really taking its toll on the riders particularly as the track became rougher. True to form though Gowland again took the BelRay holeshot with Saunders in hot pursuit but like in race 2 she made another small mistake and dropped it on the first lap, temporarily giving Saunders clear space at the front. It wouldn't be long before Gowland was back on the gas and in the lead pulling another comfortable win and maintaining her perfect season. King would be disappointed not to have got her starts nailed this weekend though as again she matched Saunders for speed but could not find the extra to make a pass repeating race one finishing within a few seconds of each other. Behind them and Charlotte Hall was right with them just ahead of Bethany Allison but Kayleigh Durston was struggling with the heat allowing young Chloe Richards a dream finish in sixth place in the race despite damaging her wrist in the previous race, 1st in the Nationals, Georgia Potter again finished her weekend with a super Pro Class 6th place ahead of Kayleigh Durston and Hannah Jones (2nd in Nationals 8th in the race) with Lily Moreland in 8th place ahead of Grace Bates 9th and Vicky Marriott 10th. In the Nationals Esme King came home in a consistent 3rd place with Ash Crouch, Abbie Walker and Hannah Stone close behind.

Pro-Class Championship

1st Chelsea Gowland 180pts

2nd Marni Saunders 162pts

3rd Catherine King 150pts

4th Charlotte Hall 139pts

5th Bethany Allison 135pts

6th Kayleigh Durston 129pts

7th Georgia Potter 125pts

8th Lily Moreland 115pts

9th Grace Bates 112pts

10th Vicky Marriott 105pts

National Championship

1st Chloe Richards 180pts

2nd Hannah Jones 160pts

3rd Esme King 150pts

4th Ash Crouch 141pts

5th Abbie Walker 133pts

6th Hannah Stone 131pts

Youth Class - report by Mark Reece

After 5 rounds of the championship having been raced, it was good to see a new racer joining the championship. South African Amber MacGregor had her first taste of the BWMA Championship in 27 degrees of brilliant sunshine on a very demanding Lower Drayton motocross track.

Qualifying at this track showed a few surprises. Jaysi Austin on her Husqvarna 85 proved why she is still the class to beat up front with a convincing display of speed and determination, but following her in second place was new girl, Amber MacGregor who has showed us what she can do. Next up , Katie Morgan who despite having had a nasty off at Cheddar during the week, was still able to turn it on for qualifying in third place. An on fire, Autumn Jenkinson riding the Honda CRF150 at her home track showed how local knowledge can help with a great performance in fourth and Beanie Reece coming in fifth on the Kawasaki KX85. Further down young Ellie Davidson was starting to gel with her 85cc KTM, ahead of rival Beanie Reece on her 65cc KTM and Sophie Jones.

Race 1

Jaysi Austin won the BelRay holeshot followed by Amber and Beanie in to the first corner and away all three pushed on the first lap with Katie Morgan 15 seconds behind Beanie Reece and Autumn Jenkinson a further 5 seconds behind Katie. The gaps opened up between the first three over the first few laps, but by lap 3, Katie Morgan began to succumb to her injury from Cheddar and was slowing. This allowed Autumn to push past and concentrate on Beanie Reece who was some 20 seconds up the road. Jaysi and Amber rode flawlessly to come in first and second, but there was drama on the last corner of the last lap as Autumn had now caught Beanie and a stray back marker took Beanie out within sight of the flag. Autumn zipped by and claimed third spot whilst a recovering Beanie brought the Kawasaki home in fourth and a distant Katie Morgan in fifth, further down Ellie Davidson had bad crash leaving Sophie Jones to take 6th from Poppy Banning with Ellie in 8th.

Race 2

Determined as ever, Jaysi Austin again took the BelRay holeshot at the start followed by Amber MacGregor, Beanie Reece and Autumn Jenkinson. It looked like it was going to be a repeat of Race 1 with Jaysi and Amber pulling strongly away whilst Beanie and Autumn would be battling it out. Katie Morgan still in pain from Race 1 was not really in contention as she slipped further down the field. However, there was a battle between Beanie and Autumn as they furiously traded places around the circuit with Autumn ultimately getting the better of Beanie in the overwhelming heat. Jaysi Austin crossed the line in first with Amber MacGregor second, Autumn Jenkinson in third, Beanie Reece in fourth and Katie Morgan in fifth and almost a repeat of race 1 Ellie Davidson took a huge tumble leaving Sophie Jones to take sixth from Poppy Banning in 7th and Ellie in 8th..

Race 3

It was all about the start in Race 3, Jaysi proving why she is the championship leader with another great BelRay holeshot and a commanding ride. Amber MacGregor got through the start, but the dust cloud going in to the first turn left Beanie Reece and Autumn Jenkinson stranded behind a fallen rider whilst Katie Morgan found a clear route around the outside. By the time, Beanie and Autumn had remounted, the first three were long gone. With the heat, dust and energy sapping track, Race 3 had become more of an endurance test as all the first five riders were clearly wanting to just finish and get it over with. Jaysi Austin finished first maintaining her perfect season with Amber MacGregor second, Katie Morgan third, Autumn Jenkinson fourth and Beanie Reece in fifth with Sophie Jones heading Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson racing through the pain for valuable championship points.

BWMA Westermans International British Womens Youth Girls Championship Results

1st Jaysi Austin 180pts

2nd Amber McGregor 162pts

3rd Autumn Jenkinson 147pts

4th Katie Morgan 140pts

5th Beanie Reece 139pts

6th Sophie Jones 129pts

7th Poppy Banning 123pts

8th Ellie Davidson 78pts

The final two rounds will take place the weekend at Grittenham on Saturday August 31st and Sunday 1st September where our New British Womens Motocross Champions will be crowned.

Words and pics by Howard Marriott


The results of the event are below.