Date: 22 October 2021

The Central Group is extremely disappointed that the final round of the 2021 Group Championship has been cancelled due to the extreme wet weather local to The Grange.

The Group has tried to find an alternative venue but unfortunately no one stepped forward so the Championship will be awarded to the first 3 in each class and capacity from the 5 of the 7 rounds run.

Details of the winners are shown below, just how they will be presented with their trophies will be discussed at the next Group Meeting on 8th November and an announcement will be made on the Group’s and the AMCA’s Facebook account the following day.

The Group sends its congratulations to the winners and its appreciation to all who rode.


No 115 Bradley Springall  504 points

No 46   Liam Dorman        359 points

No 912  Jayden Hatton      356 points

MX1 Juniors

No 281  Tom Meagher       516 points

No 38  Leon Holyman         491 points

No 29  Danny Woodfull      379 points

MX2 Juniors

No 369  Lee Springthorpe  605 points

No 444  Lewis Clifton          601 points

No 531  James Clifton         466 points

MX1 Seniors

No 355  Dan Wilson            562 points

No 6  Steven James             540 points

No 63 Joshua Williams      268 points

MX2 Seniors

No 912 Tom Hatton            627 points

No 407  Lewis Thompson   467 points

No 169 Jack Goodings         443 points

MX1 Experts

No 118 Ashley Bulpitt          443  points

No 34 Phil Dyson                   358 points

No 86 Lloyd Molineau          265 points

MX2 Experts

No 96 Josh Hickinbottom     407 points

No 83 Jordan Saunders         135 points

No 77 Ryan Manley               121 points


No 32 Dale Moreton             510 points

No 222 Michael Smith          400 points

No 538 Jay Rumbold             364 points