Date: 17 February 2020

The South Shropshire Group will be running its very successful Prestige Vets Series again this year at each of the 10 tracks within their Group.

The only requirements for taking part is you must be over 50 years old, and either a Junior or Senior rider. We appreciate there may be riders over 50 year old still racing at Expert level, but the series is aimed at keeping the older riders competing safely, and so far the formula has worked, with close to full line ups at many of the meetings in 2019.

Due to this popularity, we have considered splitting the Junior and Senior riders into separate races if space on the day allows, so that we can get all the Seniors who are entering onto the line. While the Junior numbers are much lower, it may encourage some of them to come back and have a go. We could do with feedback on this, as it needs the numbers to make it work. While many older riders don’t bother with Facebook, there is a specific page set up for those who do, but you can also let the office know if you are interested and we can make plans accordingly. Hope to see as many of you as possible in 2020.