2019 Champions

Shane Carless

AMCA MX1 Champion

Written by Mike Wood

Once again MX1 was bursting with talent and an abundance of potential moto winners all who had title aspirations. In this class a rider certainly had to be consistently at the top of their game if they wanted to figure in the end of season shake-up. Bearing that in mind, Shane aboard his 350cc FUS Marsh MX Husqvarna certainly delivered the goods in 2019 with a string of quality performances always remaining totally focused and controlled along the way.

Throughout the season Shane won 9 moto's also earning 7 out of 9 podium placings including overall victories at Boraston and Culham. Going into the last round at Long Lane he held a 28 point advantage over Neville Bradshaw. Although Nev then produced a super maximum to reduce the deficit down to just 6 points, Shane remained very composed to get the job done and the title in the bag.

Shane will be back to defend his hard earned title in 2020 for what already promises to be a high quality MX1 contest. Many congratulations on your victory this year.

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Jamie Wainwright

AMCA MX2 Champion

Written by Mike Wood

Taking the MX2 crown in style, the very talented Apex KTM UK star finished the season an incredible 128 points clear of season long challenger Kristian Whatley.

Throughout 2019, Jamie was on the podium at all 9 rounds and scored 7 overall wins with maximum points achieved at both the opening Norley event and Fatcats.

At the very top of his game, Jamie reeled off a total 15 moto victories to confirm that he was indeed the King of AMCA MX2. Jamie's success also proved that motocross dreams can be realised with the right dedication, determination and application. Having started at the bottom in the AMCA Inter Juniors he rapidly rose up through the ranks, climbing the motocross ladder and making massive strides along the way, a true lesson for any young, aspiring racer!

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Lewis Dowdeswell

AMCA 2-Stroke 125 Champion

Written by Mike Wood

Aboard the FWC Bay Construction KTM, West Country based Lewis certainly had to be at his very best. In an exciting and truly memorable season long battle at the top, Lewis eventually took the crown just 8 points clear of rival Chris Povey.

Lewis started with a brace of moto wins at Norley and was first past the chequered flag again on another 8 occasions. Throughout 2019 his consistency saw him earn a faultless 9 out of 9 podiums. That included overall victories with maximum points at both Warmingham and Hawkstone.

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Jamie Powell

AMCA Vets Champion

Written by Mike Wood

Having previously raced in just about every AMCA Championship class and represented AMCA Team Great Britain in the IMBA European series, now at the age of 40 Jamie returned to the Association for 2019.

On the SRH KTM, Jamie took the Vets crown 145 points clear of defending Champion Simon Lane. Always right at the business end of proceedings, Jamie bagged a series total of 10 moto wins and was on the podium at all 9 rounds. Three times he was to climb onto the top step of the podium, those victories coming at Boraston in his native Shropshire, Bushton and Fatcat.

Although not being a particular lover of sand type tracks, Jamie even bagged maximum points at Fatcat!

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Matt Tolley

AMCA Youth 85/150 Champion

Written by Mike Wood

Aboard his IDS/Tolley Jewellers KTM, the youngster took the title 149 points clear of Harry Ridgway.

On his way to glory, Matt scored 11 moto wins and was on the podium in 8 out of the 9 completed rounds. The only event in which he failed to make the top three was during round 7 at Hawkstone Park.

In a simply terrific season he took the overall wins at Norley, Bushton and Fatcats with maximum points. Arguably that maximum at Fatcats included the ride of 2019! After being forced to stop when a rival got his leg wrapped in the KTM's back wheel just yards from the start of moto two, Matt then blasted from last right through to snatch the win, what an effort that was!

For 2020, Matt will be moving up to 125cc machinery but you can be sure he's still going to be ultra competitive. Well done Matt on a truly stunning 2019.

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James Dodd

IMBA MX1 European Champion
AMCA Superclass Champion
3rd AMCA MX1 Championship

Written by Mike Wood

The JSR Thunderroad Honda ace James Dodd who has enjoyed a sensational season!

Doddy not only won the AMCA Superclass crown but also took top slot in the IMBA MX1 European Championship and finished 3rd overall in the AMCA MX1 series.

In the Superclass James won 4 of the 6 moto's taking overall victory during both rounds to finish 25 points clear of Josh Waterman. Over in Europe he started with the overall win in France before building the foundations for his eventual success by claiming podium places in the Czech Republic, GB and Belgium. Bagging four moto wins along the way, Doddy finished the IMBA 123 points clear of his JSR Team-mate Andy Smart.

Back in the home AMCA MX1 title chase there was podiums earned at Norley, Brookthorpe and Long Lane. Well done James on a truly outstanding 2019!

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John Heath

Over 50s AMCA Vets Champion

Written by Mike Wood

Aboard his big Suzuki, John eventually finished 216 points clear of Steve Gallagher. On the Over 50's podium at every round, he took top slot at both Bushton and Long Lane. Indeed John certainly enjoyed the Bushton track also earning 9th overall in the main Vets standings on the day with a 107 point total.

Consistent right throughout the series, John went onto bag 10th in the final 2019 AMCA Veterans Championship table, as well as being the Over 50's crown, a truly great effort.

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