The AMCA has designated a specific area for traders, next to the rider pits, on the spectator walkway through to the beach, on average the beach race sees 22,000 spectators.

Unfortunately no food outlets are permitted to trade other than those regulated and permitted through the ELDC Council.

We are limited to just 8 pitches, measuring approx. 10 metres by 4 metres on the hard standing pavements. Trade pitches are being sold on a first come, first served basis at a rate of £150 per pitch/area. Traders need to complete the application form, the Council Risk Assessment document (this will be sent once your application has been received), and provide a copy of their public liability documents. All applications are subject to approval by the AMCA and ELDC.

To apply for a trade space, please download the form HERE - We will confirm your space once we have received the form.