Once again it was Bath Classic MCC who opened the 2015 series of the renamed British Classic Motocross Championship which is sponsored by AMCA and “Classic Dirt Bike” magazine.
The Yatton Keynell track had received a recent makeover and, together with overnight rain on the Saturday, resulted in near ideal conditions. 
The Bath club nearly folded over the winter of 2014/15 but a resurgence of interest by some of the senior members produced a full programme of events which also included the Pat French Memorial Trophy.
The first championship race produced a more than full line-up of Pre-65 and Pre-74 racing together. A situation which, with a fast finish straight, created a chaotic situation for the three lap-scorers.
In the Pre-74 category Kristian Marshall took an early lead with Chris Chell (the 2014 champion), Wayne Partington, Scott Hayworth and Keith Rice in close attendance. By lap four, however, it was all change: first Chris Chell went out with a shattered rear hub, then Scott Hayworth disappeared when his newly completed 250 Greeves Griffon gave up the ghost.
The Pre-65 category, who started behind the Pre-74s, also produced some equally exciting racing. Ricky Pedder (the 2014 champion) had a sluggish start enabling John Cash, Jordan Pope, Aaron Graves and others to give chase to the Pre-74 pack and open a gap which Ricky soon set about filling. The combination of Pedder and a big Triumph is a formidable one and by half distance he was closing on Cash and Graves. At the final flag he was in front to chalk up his first 20 points of the season.
The second championship race was sensibly split into two separate races. Once again it was Kristian Marshall who made the early running in the Pre-74 event with Chris Chell, Wayne Partington, Scott Hayworth and Keith Rice in line astern. Sadly, Hayworth (now aboard a BSA), was again on the side-lines after a handful of laps. Then, dramatically, Marshall was in trouble when he was impeded on one of the steep hills leaving Chell to take up the running with Partington and Rice still in hot pursuit.
The Pre-65 event had a new front runner: Mitchell Harris on one of Bob Wood’s 350 BSAs led for the first half of the race, being gradually overhauled by series newcomer Aaron Graves. At the half-way mark it was Graves leading with Harris still going strong on the little Beesa. Ricky Pedder, after another “iffy” start, was making up ground on the leaders but I thought he had left his final charge to the checkered flag too late. He had, but only by a fraction. Half way round the last lap he was 50 yards down on Aaron Graves. Across the finish line the margin was just a couple of yards. A great win for young Aaron – his first in the championship. Ricky, meanwhile, was left to wonder; “another 50 yards and I would have won”. Competition is full of “what ifs”.  
The feature event of the day, the Pat French Memorial Trophy for riders over 55 years on Pre-68 machines, was won by popular Bath member, Martin Coleman (500 MTS Eso). Martin won all three legs fairly comfortably.
Round 2 in the championship series takes place on 7th June at Blencarn, near Penrith, courtesy of Cumbria Classic MCC.
Race 1  Race 2 
(1) Ricky Pedder (650 Triumph Metisse) (1) Aaron Graves 
(2) John Cash (500 BSA)  (2) Ricky Pedder 
(3) Aaron Graves (500 BSA)  (3) Mitchell Harris 
(4) Jordan Pope (500 BSA) (4) Jordan Pope
(5) Dave Bell (500 Jawa Metisse) (5) John Cash
(6) Phil Nicholls (441 BSA) (6) Dave Bell
(7) Liston Bell (650 Triumph Metisse) (7) Liston Bell
(8) Lewis Bell (650 Tribsa)  (8) Phil Nicholls 
(9) Steve Dent (350 Faber Tribsa) (9) Roger Dunford
(10) Ian Lovelock (500 Jawa Metisse) (10) Lewis Bell
(11) Fergus (11) Ian Lovelock
(12) Alan Deer (360 CZ) (12) Luke Hickie
(13) Joe Chell (650 Tribsa) (13) Steve Dent
(14) Roger Dunford (500 BSA) (14) Fergus
(15) Andy Carter (650 Tribsa) (15) Joe Chell 
(16) Mitchell Harris (350 BSA)  (16) Alan Deer 
  (17) Andy Carter 
Race 1  Race 2 
(1) Kristian Marshall (500 MRD Jawa) (1) Chris Chell 
(2) Wayne Partington (380 CZ)  (2) Wayne Partington 
(3) Keith Rice (380 CZ)  (3) Keith Rice 
(4) Tim Dallaway (500 BSA) (4) Tim Dallaway
(5) Kris Winder (380 CZ) (5) Keith Best

(6) Ady Cox (500 BSA)

(6) Kris Winder
(7) Gary Green (380 CZ) (7) Ady Cox
(8) Keith Barnes (600 Clews-Stroka) (8) Kristian Marhsall
(9) Nick Payton (400 Maico) (9) Gary Green
(10) Nick Archer (500 BSA) (10) Rich Warner (380 CZ)
(11) Phil Roberts (250 CZ) (11) Rupert Copping
(12) Aaron Dent (400 Maico) (12) Nick Payton
(13) Rupert Copping (360 CZ) (13) Nick Archer
(14) Colin Hutton (380 CZ) (14) Keith Barnes
(15) Keith Best (380 CZ) (15) Colin Hutton
  (16) Ady Matthews (380 CZ)
  (17) Phil Roberts
  (18) Sam Gittoes (380 CZ)
  (19) Ian Stainton (380 CZ)
  (20) Mark Cook (475 BSA)
Round 1: Bath Classic @ Yatton Keynell  26th April 2015