Date: 02 September 2018
The AMCA’s Championship classes will be redefined for the 2019 series with a move away from the established MX1, MX2, Vets, 2 Stroke and Youth 85 classes. Keen to capitalise on the growth and improvements already made to the Championships in recent years, the AMCA have announced that the MX2 class will now include 250cc 2 strokes and a dedicated 125 2 stroke only (inc 150 2 strokes) class will replace the existing 2 stroke class.
This will result in a Championship event day consisting of five classes -  MX1, MX2 (including 250cc 2 strokes), Vets, 125 and Youth 85 which AMCA believes better caters for the ever-changing demands of their membership.
Additionally the Championship will become a ten round series as the hunger for Championship quality events increases. In previous years the number of rounds has fluctuated from 7 to 9 but increasing the number to ten is sure to keep attention focussed until the end of the season. Dates and venues will follow in due course but in demonstrating an early focus on the 2019 season this looks set to be the next step in the ever improving AMCA Championship powered by Datatag and supported by Dunlop.