Date: 09 November 2017

The final round of the South Shropshire Group Prestige Vets Championship was run at a damp and muddy Boraston track on Sunday 5th November.


With several final positions still to be decided after an eight round series, there was nearly a full line up of 28 riders on the gate at the start of the day. Although the track was challenging to begin with, and a short section had to be widened to avoid a very slick corner after the tunnel, it soon settled and the racing became serious with all riders trying to improve their scores. Unfortunately after the second block, the weather decided to change and a heavy shower made the track very difficult to ride on, but the third block was completed and the meeting finished at 3.30pm. Trophies were awarded to 11th place in the Seniors and 5th in the Juniors, based on rounds that had been completed by the riders. These were kindly provided by AJP Pipework from Hereford, and the company owners, Andy and Rob Prosser presented them to the winners.

It was agreed by all, that the series had been a great success, and it will be run again in 2018. The rules are simple: Open to all AMCA Licence holders over 50 years old, and only Junior and Senior level riders allowed. There will be 8 rounds run throughout the season, at various South Shropshire Group meetings, and 6 will count. 3x12 minute races per round. Riders can either drop there two worst scores, or just make any of the six they compete in count. We are also considering allowing riders close to 50 years old entering, if they prefer to enjoy a ride in a more “gentlemanly “ class, but will not score points until they reach 50. The idea was to encourage more ex-riders to have another go at MX, or keep others riding without fear of being taken out by a teenager, and it seems to have achieved that aim.

Juniors - Top 3
1st Tim Muston
2nd John Mullard
3rd Bob Kimber

Seniors - Top 3
1st Daran Williams
2nd Steve Ferney
3rd Andrew Prosser

Photos are of the Winners of each class